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Q: I don't see where I am. It's just a picture of the earth.

A: You need a Map to show a more detailed view.

Q: Is the source of TrekBuddy available?

A: No.

Q: Under what license is TrekBuddy provided?

A: TrekBuddy is freeware.

Q: When can I download TrekBuddy?

A: TrekBuddy files are published on this website (version for Android is also published on Android Market). All other websites, "markets" and locations are out of my control and without my consent. -- kruch

Q: Who are the TrekBuddy authors?

A: The author goes by the name of kruch on the forums.

Q: Can TrekBuddy replace my car navigation (TomTom, iGo, Sygic, ...)?

A: No. TrekBuddy is not turn-by-turn navigation. It is capable of very very simple navigation, though.

Q: I have a question, for which there is no answer in the Wiki, who can I ask?

A: There is a forum that you can join and post your question there (do a search before posting).

Q: How do I enable the O2 Germany position provider?

A: You need to add the following line to your ".jad" before installing it:

App-Flags: provider_o2_germany 

Configuration problems

Q: I'm having problems setting correct value for DataDir (I see DataDir not accessible warning on start)

A: You can try the following:

1. load any map a let it be used as default (startup) map

2. copy corresponding part of the Startup map URL (Settings->Basic->Startup map) to Settings->Basic->DataDir.

Runtime problems

Q: I get OutOfMemoryException when map moves

A: Try turning on these options: Settings->Misc->forcedGc and Settings->Misc->large atlases

Q: I get error messages saying Uri is invalid, when starting TrekBuddy or when loading an atlas.

A: Be sure to have exactly 4 directory levels (1 = atlas containing layer directories and .tba file, 2 = layers containing map directories, 3 = maps containing .map and .set file, 4 = "set" containing map tile image files) and to use surely Java compatible paths, so not containing spaces, special characters, umlauts. Check Howtos#Atlas for more detailed information.

Symbian Series 60 (S60)

Q: The screen light keeps turning off. Can't TrekBuddy keep the light on?

A: You can get S60SpotOn from OutBank which does the job just perfectly! And have a look to Tools - since 0.9.81, TrekBuddy has its own Symbian tiny helper application that helps it control backlight.

Q: Map loading is awfully slow!

A: If you are using S60 device then try to avoid using tar-ed maps if your device is capable of handling directories with thousands of files just fine. This will easily increase map loading speed 10 times and more (e.g. E61i with a ca. 1500 tile map). If you experience device slowdown with many files on the memory card, tar-ed maps may be an option. Have a look to Tools

Q: I fumbled around in the options and now I can't load any maps (Invalid header error).

A: Disable the Siemens I/O option in the Settings->Misc.

Q: I get [6] null: java.io.IOException: SymbianOS error = -34: General:System error when I try to open tar-ed map/atlas

A: It happens when TrekBuddyService (tbsvc) is not running - see Tools.

If starting tbsv does not help, try this: uninstall tbsvc (keep the signed sis file!), delete e:/others/tbsvc.log, install tbsvc, start it (nothing is displayed but tbsvc.log file should be created in e:/others) - now restart TB and try tar-ed map - if you still get this errors, send me the tbsvc.log file

Q: I get [6] null:java.lang.SecurityException:Permision = javax.microedition.io.connector.socket when I try to open tar-ed map/atlas

A: 1. check Network Access permission

2. consult http://wiki.trekbuddy.net/index.php/Installation#Nokia_N95_.28also_6290.29


Q: How do I generate .tmi files for a bunch of tar-ed maps?

A: Be careful! These command were posted by forum users.

Linux: find . -name '*.tar' -exec sh -c "tar -tRf {} > \`dirname {}\`/\`basename {} .tar\`.tmi" \;

Windows: for /r %i in (*.tar) do tar --force-local -Rtf "%i" > "%~di%~pi%~ni.tmi"

Q: How do I get maps?

A: Use Mobile Atlas Creator. Check this how to

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