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TODO: installation problems related to certificate - nice guide to check certificate presence and its settings is here:

Where do I put the maps on a Palm ( Tungsten E2 in my case ) ? I can only install the .prc file and copy data to an SD memory card.

I collected some information from several wiki and forum pages and I tried several directory structure and name varients on the SD card but - I can't set a configuration option to point to a 'Data Dir'. - The application allways fails to run. Error message (de:)"Anwendungsfehler. Die zum Anzeigen dieser Daten erforderliche Anwendung konnte nicht gefunden werden" (en:Application Error. The application for displaying this data could not be found).

Another, similar application does it this way: I create folder called "osm" on the memory card, copy the map files into this directory and voila. That's it. Almost as simple as a mac application ;) 19:17, 17 September 2008 (UTC)

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