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List of enhancements, feature requests etc.



  • Add Altitude/Elevation on OSD next to heading... I know that if you have set a waypoint with altitude then you get the absolute value of the difference between current altitude and the waypoint's altitude... But I'd like to have the altitude field even if you don't have a waypoint selected...
  • Beeps at a maximum and minimum speed, predefined at menu by the user; - DuarteMelim
  • At low speed, position could be calculated subtracting the current coordinates by the previous coordinates, to minimize the gps error... (function defined at menu - low speed) - DuarteMelim
  • Option to change line thickness/colour drawn between waypoints or trackpoints when navigating - single pixel line hardly visible.
  • Use own course calculation for low speed movement (below 2 knots - for example mountain hiking) to avoid displaying wrong course taken from some GPS modules like GB735 - these modules doesn't update the course in low speed conditions). Maybe the GPX generating procedure could be used in such situations ?
  • MOB
  • use own speed and direction calculations for slow movement - the GPS value is jumping too much (displayed with different color)
  • ability to enter waypoints in map grid format, e.g. as OSGB/OSi grid references since 0.9.81
  • ability to enter waypoints in terms of range and direction (e.g. 3000 m 270 deges), it should be from either present position or from an existing waypoint. (It would be very useful for Geocaching).
  • "Center on POI..." - ability to select Point Of Interest and center the map on it since 0.9.62
  • a red line between actual point and a chosen waypoint
  • also accept <trkpt> for waypoints in routes as exported by GMapToGPX 0.9.64
  • add item „Jump“ into menu „Waypoints“ (Navigate To, Route Along, Route Back, Jump) – after selecting this item TB open particular map list and jump on selected waypoint since 0.9.62
  • jump to active waypoint when opening waypoint list since 0.9.65 TB jumps to the last selected waypoint, not the active one.
  • "Display All" the POI of a .gpx file that are in the current map (just ignore the points that are off map) since 0.9.73
  • waypoint in menu "waypoints" selectable by pressing keys "# 0...9" or a Page up/down button
  • to display nearest point/direction on the map border, when user left map coverage area
  • option for manual correction of datum "I am here" in case of map offset
  • o2 provider: use only the last (or a configurable number of) CBS value(s) to determine the position since 0.9.69
  • skip active waypoint and move on to the next one easily (with one key)
  • Jump to the closest waypoint since 0.9.82
  • Waypoint-detection/-alarm / CDI: A sound, if current position is lower than xxx meters to any waypoint in wpt-directory or selected waypoint file(s) (eg threats like swamps when hiking, insufficient depths for sailing)
  • possibility to navigate following a .gpx tracklogsince around 0.9.85
  • Possibility to add a new waypoint to a specific file (choose where to save it to), e.g. to have all points for one category or city in one file since 0.9.89 (by 2009-09-03 18:42)
Sorry, but so far I did not manage to choose a file when adding a waypoint in my installation (maybe installation is broken?). If you now how to do, please expand Using#Waypoints accordingly --Georg 00:34, 11 November 2009 (UTC)
  • Entering custom waypoints: activate numbers (123..) to input Lat and Lon instead of letters (abc..)(Nokia 6110).
  • Define "second" proximity for wpt to "wake up" display, if screen saver is active, could be useful for car navigation etc.
  • Anchor alarm - an alarm is activated if the distance from wpt is greater than predefined value. As the hecl is implemented now, could be sufficient to export distance to waypoint to hecl and to have possibility to play sound from hecl
  • Add option "Automatically start default bluetooth GPS device when starting trekbuddy" true/false
  • Distance from route (like in Run.GPS http://www.rungps.net)
  • (optionally) draw POI icons and the Route Line in Compass Mode. (so one can prepare for sharp corners ahead)
  • Function to navigate over CELL-ID too
  • Assign different keys on Blackberry as numbers require ALT + key...
  • Menu option to go directly to an specific coordinate (entered by user)
  • Assign keys to toggle to the Next layer/Map and Previous Layer/Map instead of prompting which one to select... But also keeping this feature...

Map Zooming in and out....


  • Show correct version number (Nokia E70 shows 0.09 for 0.9.81) so one knows which JAR is up to date


In awe of that asenwr! Really cool!


  • Configurable item: "My Name". This would be inserted into tracklog as <trk><name>My Name</name><trkseg>....and so on track follows
  • Cropping of a track with TrekBuddy: Crop -> enter start time -> enter stop time -> save as 20090828-154523-crop.gpx
  • configurable period and distance between points logged since 0.9.59
  • possibility to start/stop while tracking the "pause" function does this
  • When creating a GPX file, create opening and corresponding closing tags in one go, so crash of phone OS will not result in invalid files (quite bad wen hiking without possibility to patch the GPX files!). At the moment, </trkseg></trk></gpx> is missing so manual edit is needed. Sufficiently implemented; since 0.9.82 beta WPT-GPX is always closed, and if TB is closed by Phone OS, closing tags are written to track-GPX, but if whole phone OS crashes, they are not but TB can read them anyway.
  • Save NMEA-logs more often. A phone OS crash can result in an irrecoverable empty logfile, even after hours of tracking. Perhpaps the logfile should be closed an reopened in append-mode every few minutes / 60s.
  • while tracking: show current track on map since 0.9.81 or maybe earlier
  • additional screen with large icons (for touchscreen) for fast and easy logging of waypoints (e.g. for fuel station, postbox, speed limit, etc.). Track log should continue in background. An example app that only runs on Windows mobile is here. Reason: When surveying an area for openstreetmap.org it would shorten the input time drastically. A possible workflow:
    • tip the map (lat and lon get stored internally)
    • screen switches to screen with icons (position of icons, the icon itself and default text should be configurable in a xml or ini file). Maybe even with multiple pages to hold more icons (One icon on each page switches to the next page).
    • On tip on icon, waypoint with icon text gets stored. An Exit icon wouldn't save anything.
    • show map with track again
  • trackback
  • voice recording to annotate waypoints
  • improve handling of "standing still": reduce to one waypoint instead of showing a many many lines if >x adjacent waypoints are within 25m (or assumed accuracy plus security buffer) radius.
  • possibility to load a saved tracklog and get it displayed on map. (can then e.g. be used instead of waypoints.)since 0.9.82
  • Possibility to add a new waypoint ("record current") by pushing only one button and adding some text. When recording data for openstreetmap.org I typically add a new waypoint every few seconds and each time have to push the keys 1, then 4 ("record current"), then delete the preselected name of the new waypoint ("wptXXX"), enter a new name and finally confirm twice. Things were a lot easier if one only had to push one button, add a new name (there does not need to be a preselected name like wptXXX in this mode) and confirm only once. This feature could be activated optionally as I think there are no free keys right now. E.g. when collecting OSM data I personally never use the options behind keys 3 and 0.
  • Shortcuts for taking picture/voice. My Siemens S65 has extra keys on the side, would be cool if their would be a complete key<->function mapping possible. This allows me to collect waypoints for OSM faster
    • Agreed: I'd like a configurable "auto waypoint" feature that would (depending on a menu setting) [take text input|take voice input|take picture|take no input, just pick a number], assign the result to a waypoint, and save to the waypoints file without any user intervention.
  • A Option to lock the Keys would be nice, i use TB as a Tracker and then i put the Phone into my backsag.. Been available since many versions, e.g. hold *-key down a while and release.
  • Tracklog should contain the accuracy of the waypoints in the track. This would make it easy to discard bad waypoints.
  • The URL of the XML mentioned in the tracklog (http://trekbuddy.net/2009/01/gpx/nmea) should exist.



  • accept cartesurtable / eMapZone calibration files (.cst) in addition to ozi .map files


  • show scale since 0.9.61
  • zoom out (if too heavy for the phone, perhaps support for automatic generation of a zoom-out layer in map tools)
  • zooming/change layers with a touch of the button (volume buttons)
  • OSD background colour user selectable to make the OSD better readable on some phones.
  • Night Mode - for example by divide the colour values for each canal by 4. The bright screen is a trouble in night car driving been available since for a couple of versions I meant for the MAP VIEW not for compass or the navi screen ... F.i. by putting grey rectangle over the whole screen with app. alpha blending
    • Key 3 makes the backlight go between 10%, 25%, 50%, 100%. This should be fine!
  • 'No Map' Mode- useful if no maps are available, but instead waypoints and/or tracks (arbitrary zooming!).
  • Find map at current position. If searching for *.map files is too heavy maybe special index file could be used ? F.i. with data from all map files.
  • When using an atlas show only layers for current position when key '7' is pressed short and show all layers in atlas when key '7' is pressed long.
  • To not suspend trekbuddy midlet on closing flip. This can be fixed by adding 'FlipInsensitive: True' into jad file (verified on Motorola RAZR2 V9).
  • Perhaps it is possible to rotate the map to point always the moving direction upwards, so rotate the map and the compass instead the red arrow. I supose it is difficult but it is an idea that will help a lot. (Workaround: You can rotate the phone)
  • Related to the rotation of maps: Instead of rotating the map continuously (which would be very power consuming), maybe it would be enought with rotating the map automatically in steps of 90º, depending on the predominant main direction of the next waypoints of the track that is being followed (Evaluating the next "user defined number" of waypoints).


  • Load Map-Tiles live via internet ie from openstreetmap like mgmap does.
  • If default map is not found and no other map was selected, a lot of functions are not working even though they could, e.g. "add custom waypoint" shall need no map, "open" a waypoint neither
  • if a default map is set in settings but it is not found, there's a very technical error message and no way to load the world map contained within TB.jar. RFE: If default map is not found, ask "User defined default map not found. Load TrekBuddy's world map? (y/n)"
  • start browsing in DataDir /maps
  • when loading atlas, tb ask to select layer and map (even when gps connection is active). Could option 'auto' be added to map listing as first position when gps is on? When select auto tb wold load map with current position (now when select map in layer tb load it and then load map with current location)
    • What if you have two atlases covering the same area?
      • Pragmatic way: The first found map for position in chosen layer (usually 1 layer only contains only maps of same type => which map is chosen doesn't matter, and if not, user has to manually choose anyway)
  • allow adding tar maps to atlas without regenerating index for the whole atlas
  • support for several (configurable number) tiles per file - to reduce the number of files in large maps, without having to cut the map into tarred map pages - of course, there is a compromise with display speed
  • don't ask to "Set map as default" every time loading map or atlas, use a menu entry instead
  • when loading a new map from an atlas, if it is not off map, center the new map on the current position of the cursor (not the position given by the GPS)
  • when selecting atlas layer, preselect the current layer
  • one option for loading maps and atlases - tb automaticly detect if *map or *tba file is chosen to load
  • posibility for work of large database of POIs - no possible open database from geonames.org and sorting or searching. This may be database, etc. Perst


  • Lambert (France) since .. I do not remember
  • Oblique Mercator (Switzerland; needed for Swiss Grid support) since 0.9.62


  • show coordinates in swiss grid (CH1903) since 0.9.62
  • show coordinates in swiss grid (CH1903) works only if map projection in map file is CH1903, too. Please add option: "override map projection in calibration file". If UTM can be used with every map whatever map projection was used in the map file other grid systems should be possible as well. Maybe an additional line at the bottom?
  • Add to settings - basic - coordinates the option "decimal degrees" (e.g. N47.0623, E8.3046 used in some paper maps and thus quite needed)
  • Add to settings - basic - coordinates the option "MGRS"

Search for locations / streets

Vector maps

  • use extracts of Openstreetmap and Garmin vector data for map drawing
  • road routing algorithm

Online searching

  • use online service to search objects and addresses (post on forum)


  • Make (selected) data (e.g. wpt-alt) for all waypoints of current track/route available to access it via HECL, e.g. in a list --> cms::wpt-alt-lst. This would make it possible to e.g. display a altitude profile of a track/route and mark the current position so one can easily see what's ahead. There might be several other ideas that could be realized.
  • Add possibility to define a 'day' background and a 'night' background. E.g. <background mode="day" background="x"> <background mode="night" background="y"> or <screen background="x" background_night="y" ...>
  • multiple profiles support - done in 0.9.64.
  • ETA/ETE and distance to route endpoint already done - wpt-dist, wpt-eta ... ?

Clarification - ETA/ETE and dist is implemented as values to selected wpt. Can we have additional parameters available for route endpoint, even if it is not selected as active?

  • {wpt-ete} - (estimated time enroute) the time span needed to get to the next active wpt.
  • {ept-eta} - the arrival time when arriving at the end point in the route.
  • {alt-t} - total ascend and total descend.
  • {alt-p} - ascend and descend grade percent (%).
  • {spd10s.i}, {spd10s.d} - speed compute on a 10 seconds interval
  • {maxs10s.i}, {maxs10s.d} - max speed compute on a 10 seconds interval
  • elevation profile.
  • after a trip: store CMS summary values (eg distance, trip time, maximum/average speed) to a "trip summary" file
  • every lap: store CMS summary values to a "lap summary" file (example: push button every lap and it saves summary of current lap)
  • create wiki page (maybe in Download section of wiki) with CMS files sorted by device/screen resolution and TB version for easier search than in forum posts
  • {gr} - Glide Ratio - computed as ({spd}/3,6)/{alt-d}
  • {wpt-gr} - Waypoint "Glide Ratio" computed as {wpt-dist}/({alt}-{wpt-alt})
  • {gr/wpt-gr} - ..to decide quickly (if > 1) wheter WPT is reachable in the current conditions.
  • Alarms(sounds) for posetiv and negativ {alt-d}
  • Alarms (sounds) for best speed improvement
  • Real time vocal reading a cms parameter (with a lib of digit sounds 0,1,2,...9)
  • Implement Feet unit in <units system="nautical"/>
  • The difference between {course} and {wpt-azi}, preferably in 8 steps of 45 degrees, so a compass can be drawn to see if you're going in the right direction.
  • Alarms (sounds & vibration) when proximity of a speed cameras stored in a gpx file (it would be a POI [Points Of Interest] warner ).
  • Install CMS Themes in zip.files -> cleaner ui-profiles folder
  • delete themes without having to delete all the single files that came with it (would be solved with zip-themes)
  • {spd-mn-km} - show speed in minutes per kilometer
  • {alt-d} - vertical velocity [m/h]
  • battery information

SMS (location sharing)

  • use human-readable format
  • Pet Mode: wait for SMS containing code word and optional e-mail adress, then e-mail back current location (because automatic SMS back is not possible)
  • Send SMS to normal inbox, so another application could create an wpt file and places this file in waypoint folder (WM5 J9)
  • Access address book/contacts on phone
  • Possibility to receive position report from gps/gsm/gprs trackers.

Live Tracking

TouchScreen-Support and OnScreen Controls

  • For phones without a Menu-Key and so on: please add optional On-Screen-Buttons. Example: HTC Touch and Nokia 5800 XPressMusic. Navigation menu opens when touching the upper left corner of the map using Nokia 5800. So please add the MAIN MENU touch control to the lower left corner of the map. Now I have to use the (limited) virtual keyboard only to access to the main menu, and the virtual keyboard takes about 1/2 of the screen size.


  • Change/Place wpts inside the route with a diferent order... (i´m not refering to the sorted list) - duartemelim
  • Insert and move wpts inside the list - duartemelim
  • in waypoint list, when 1st entry is selected, make joystick "up" go to last entry and vice versa (loop around, like implemented in menus, Nokia E70, Symbian S60)
  • add option "edit waypoint" for already persitent waypoints (eg to update comment, one currently has to create a completely new waypoint or use the PC) - since 0.9.81 partly implemented; known issues:
    • editing of waypoints containing special characters like umlauts impossible (menu entry "edit" does not do anything) OK since 0.9.82
    • after editing coordinates of one waypoint, it has been moved to arbitraty coordinates nearby (new issue since 0.9.82)
    • after editing one waypoint, all waypoints in the file are changed: Date is always 1970 (in 0.9.82 completely removed) and the last digit of the lat/lon is changed often but not always by + or - 1
    • valid GPX metadata is removed (e.g. file name, author information etc)
  • For "record current", add possibility to add it to an existing wpt file (not creating always a new one for each session)
  • For pictures/snapshots saved within waypoints, save GPS coordinates in the EXIF GPS information (geotagging) so supporting image viewers (e.g. xnview) can display the location of the pic directly
  • A door concept defined by two waypoints. Cut the line of a door print a partial cms freeze for a defined time or reset/restart the record. First door cut : start, second door cut : end and better with partial door defining for partial time printing.
  • Filter waypoints according to different filter options (name, desc, type,...)
  • In waypoint details, support for Geocaching log entries (<groundspeak:logs />)
  • ability to enter waypoints in terms of range and direction (e.g. 3000 m 270 deges), it should be from either present posision or from an existing waypoint. (It would be wery usefull for Geocaching).
  • Another geocaching nice thing would be to display additional information in gpx files, geocaching.com.au gpx points, and I assume geocaching.com allow you to download the complete log of comments to make it easier to find the caches without needing to either save info in other programs/files or use a WAP/web browser.
  • Make it so you can add Custom Waypoints in Map Grid format (BNG for example) since 0.9.81
  • Make reading waypoint files work even with special characters like umlauts etc. Perfect solution: even the waypoint with special charcter can be read and used, and when storing waypoints, the user may enter special characters (important for www addresses containing special characters). since 0.9.82b
  • Sort waypoints according different options (name, desc, distance, time to reach according to current speed and direction, ...)
    • Being able to sort by distance would be excellent since 0.9.82b
  • In points list to be able press the letter and next point which name begins with that letter shows (to make points searchable by name, not just sorted).


TrekBuddy Service on S60 2nd edition with autostart when running TB (please...) ;) - Nokianero.

Using TrekBuddyService for display lightening on Nokia5800 (S60 5th) needs connection to internet. It is necessary condition? Could be possible to use it wihout connection?

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