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I don't seem able to revert the vandalism. I keep getting SQL errors.

-- 00:32, 28 October 2009 (UTC)

Headline text

should we add a column to write the available jsr's down?

  • I think the ports are more interesting for kruch /developer, because, if TB works, it is regardless which jsr's are used. Probably we should start a new page for it? (As I write this: it is also not interesting to know which ports are available if TB runs?! What would you say?)

Ports are interesting when serial port GPS is used (rare?) and/or for Windows Mobile /Palm devices where a bluetooth GPS is often accessible via COM port - but this info would be better to put into GPS column, eg.

bluetooth (via COM5)

JSRs are indeed not that much important.


Perhaps a user-counter would be nice. Just a column where every user can add himself to the number of users for a specific device.

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