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Note: For new users, GoogleMaps 2 TrekBuddy (not working as of 2 March 2011) provides an easy way to create local maps. Search the desired address, select zoom level, click "download map" for a tar containing the map, then follow the instructions below

Screenshot with topo map
Screenshot with vector map
Maps allow to display your position, route, waypoints, POIs etc on a map that may be a vector map, topo map or satellite imagery map (see example). Many maps can be stored in an atlas offering convenient access.

If you just get started and wish to use trekbuddy immediately, have a look below at the listing of ready-made maps (not only but mainly) for TrekBuddy.

How to install and start a map?

  1. Download a map or an atlas (atlas is more convenient when using more than cca 5 maps, for more info see howto). Maps come either as a TAR archive or as a set of files ( and MapName.set and a directory MapName containing images). A TAR archive combines all the separate files into one single file. It may be required by older devices, or slow down newer devices (see Installation). Here's a simple howto for Mobile Atlas Creator.
  2. If map is packed as a ZIP, unpack it to a temporary directory - if it is no TAR map but consisting of multiple files, preserve folder structure while unpacking.
  3. Copy the map file(s) anywhere on your mobile device or memory card - no special folder required as for waypoints etc. Recommendation: A subfolder of TB data dir or of memory card root folder - this minimized required searching in the file system.
  4. Start TrekBuddy.
  5. Select menu (Další) and Load Maps (or Load Atlas). Navigate to the map by scrolling, going into subfolders or up to parent folders (..). Once the desired map is highlighted press "Select". You will be offered to make this Map/Atlas your default - recommend for the area you will use TB during the next days.
  6. Select menu and Start YourGpsReceiver (connect to the GPS receiver, where YourGpsReceiver may be blank). If you are in the area covered by the map, TrekBuddy will display your position on the map; see Using for more information.

Note: You may find additional information how to obtain maps and atlases in this forum thread.


Any part of the World

You shall have a look at map creation software in tools that makes creating your own maps as simple as a Google Maps search and file download. Making your own map suits your requirements best, hence it is recommended. If you're looking for a thorough preparation guide, check the HowTo.


  • not working links


Ukraine, Moskow/Belarus part

Sarajevo, 2 zoom levels





Two maps of Shanghai, downtown and overview map incl both airports and highway ring. Including source files


Chennai, India - Three zoom levels [old version]

Chennai Full

Google Maps:


Open Street Map Renderer:

Chennai City

Google Maps:


Open Street Map Renderer:

Chennai South

Google Maps:


Chennai West

Google Maps:


available maps: iran,tehran,mashhad,tabriz,shiraz,qom,zahedan,orumieh,hamedan,yazd,bushehr,karaj,kerman,qazvin,rasht,tehran mountain (tochal)......\ list of map & download link:


Atlases provided in multi layers zoom level, 300x400, 8-bits colors png tiles. Replacing older version of maketar.bat in the archive with maketar v0.30 or higher is recommended to build tarred atlas. Feel free to download them from MediaFire and post your comment in this thread.

  • Australia: Australia, Sydney, Melbourne
  • China: Hong Kong
  • Indonesia: Indonesia, Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Semarang, Malang
  • Malaysia: Klang Valley (excluding Putrajaya-Sepang), Penang
  • Singapore: Singapore
  • Thailand: Bangkok, Phuket
  • World: World
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