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Hecl (Scripting for CMS)

Note : This page is intended for programmers and advanced users


Hecl is a scripting language used in a variety of mobile applications.

It is used in Trekbuddy, begining at version 0.9.84b.

using Hecl, one can customizes CMS by creating new variables and calculations.

Hecl scripting in TrekBuddy is still in early stage of developement !

More information on Hecl programming on the official Hecl website.

Event Handlers

Handlers for the following events can be defined

Event Handler triggered when ... example use
onTrackingStart tracking is started resetting custom variables
onTrackingStop tracking is stopped
onLocationUpdated new location is received calculate custom variables
onKeyPress key 2 or joystick UP is pressed change scale


The following variables has been imported from CMS variables

  • cms::profile (filename of screen currently displayed)
  • cms::course
  • cms::course-d
  • cms::asc-t
  • cms::desc-t
  • cms::dist-t
  • cms::alt
  • cms::alt-d
  • cms::hdop
  • cms::fix
  • cms::sat
  • cms::satv
  • cms::spd
  • cms::spd-avg-auto
  • cms::spd-avg
  • cms::spd-max
  • cms::wpt-azi
  • cms::lat
  • cms::lon


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