Version 1.0.11

for Symbian (S60,UIQ) jad  jar  
standard (Nokia S40, SonyEricsson, Siemens, Samsung, ...) jad  jar jad with absolute jar URL (for LG?)
standard lite (no HECL, no built-in map) jad  jar  
for Android apk  
for Android 1.6, includes bluetooth backport apk  
for Blackberry OS 5.0 (and higher) jad alx+cod use DM to install
for Blackberry OS 4.2 (up to 4.7) jad alx+cod use DM to install
for IBM J9 (on Windows Mobile devices) jad  jar  
for Palm (Garnet OS devices with J9) prc  
basic (for picky VMs like that in Motorola iDen) jad  jar  

TrekBuddyService (companion application for faster tar-ed maps and backlight control on Symbian devices)
GpsPort (companion application for GPS access on WM devices)